Step No.Selection Criteria for Tycho-2/AllWISE SearchNo. of Stars Remaining
1Tycho-2 stars with total proper motion > 25 mas/yr515518
2 20" cross-match for initial sample (Tycho-2 positions pm corrected for 19 years)515293
3 Down select to 5.0" matching positions 513478
4 Remove stars with Upper Limits in AllWISE W3 or W4 269929
5 REMOVE Tyc2/HIP/AllWISE giants from CMD V - W2 vs V (15071/54016)254858
6 Remove stars where photometry (profile-fit - aperture fit) measurements are different 247823
7 Remove stars that appear to be giants in V-J vs H-W2 245924
8 Remove stars that do not pass the SOE in W3 or W4 (> 5 sigma)4307
9Remove stars that are not detected in W4 images using daofind3530
10 Remove stars have positional offset > 6.5 arcsec in W3 or > 8.0 arcsec in W4 2230
11 Remove stars that have roundness > 0.5 in W3 or W4 2080
12 Remove stars through SIMBAD check and SED inspection for double stars1430
13 Remove stars with additional photometry that conflicts with possible excess1230
14.1 Reserved Debris Disk Stars 955
14.2 Prime Debris Disk Stars with W3 & W4 flux > 10 mJy, distance within 120pc, and (more than one passband of excess and/or Spitzer IRS spectra with excess)73
More description to come.