YSOVAR Main Query Page
     In the textfields below (e.g., Target Name, RA, or DEC), you can use '%' as a wildcard.
     For example, if you want to find all database entries whose name starts with ORION,
     then you can type 'ORION%' in the Target Name field. For a single character match, use '_'.

     Because of the specifics in the URL encode/decode process, a user needs to be
     careful in using a SQL wildcard matching character '%'. For example, '%ORION-71008%' query
     string works OK but '%71008%' does not. This is because '%71008%' being decoded
     into 'q008%'. Likewise, URL encoding translates a space into '+' symbol which
     affects sexagesimal queries on northern hemisphere sources.  
You can search for entries by name or alias.
This is case sensitive.
Wildcard matches can be done with '%' and '_'. '%' matches any number of characters (similar to the '*' wildcard in unix) while '_' matches a single character.
For example, if you want to see all entries whose name contains 'ORION' in somewhere in name or alias, type '%ORION%'  
Type DB target name or alias name.
You can search for entries in the master table.

You can enter the search position either in decimal degrees or in sexagesimal notation. When you use a sexagesimal notation, you have to provide all three components in each RA and DEC string (HH:MM:SS +-DD:MM:SS) I.e., you cannot omit seconds or minutes.

When you use the sexagesimal notation, do not use '+' symbol. During the URL encoding step, '+' symbol interferes with other things. In place of '+' symbol, please use a single character wildcard matching '_'.

  • 83.740 -5.809 10.0 : search around (83.740,-5.809) with 10.0 arcsec search radius
  • 05:34:58.01 -05:48:32.4 10.0 : same as the above but in the sexagesimal notation
Type RA Dec and search_radius (asec) on the left