Database of Prime and Reserved Infrared Excess Star Catalogs
     The Prime catalog contains the most reliable stars with multiple detections of infrared excess, nearby, and ideal for follow-up missions.
     The Reserved catalog contains stars with single/marginal detections of infrared excess and more distant.

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     Full publication can be found HERE
     Full table downloads are available through the publication link or:
	Master IR-Excess table found HERE
	Reserved IR-Excess table found HERE
	The following Prime stars have been flagged and eliminated as giants following the release of Gaia DR1 for Tycho/HIP stars.
	Names: TYC8995-2386-1, TYC8653-1256-1, TYC8981-4034-1, TYC8962-532-1, TYC9385-93-1, TYC2359-1127-1, HD 278507, 
	       TYC8850-1468-1, TYC7358-263-1, TYC4259-1185-1, 70 Vir, HD 190228, HD 210277, HD 131496, HD 283759.
	In addition: TYC8991-3324-1 and TYC4079-687-1 are also likely giants, but the new Gaia parallax measurements 
		     have very large uncertainties (greater than 30%).

	Finally, another 48 stars from the Reserved sample will be flagged in the table as likely giants with new reliable 
		 Gaia parallax measurements (error less than 30%).  
		 We do not list them here for convenience.